Meet Maestoso Fadra!  

I’m so excited to share this Lipizzan gelding with you! His owner, Michelle, told me about her journey with him. I loved it when she said, “He’s like that grouchy old uncle that everybody has but he’s yours so that’s okay.”

She told me he was wonderful to ride with that special powder keg feeling. At first I thought she meant like a Thoroughbred ready to run but she explained that sitting on a Lipizzan was like having this incredible power underneath you. As soon as she said that, I imagined the collected movements and then I got it. She’s planning on having him in the show ring so I can’t wait to see more pics of him online.

A little about my process

Before I begin I do a meditation with each horse. Right off the bat, I wrote down reds, purples, and blues.  I asked Maestoso Fadra about these colors and I saw a scene with mountains as him as the ruler. I asked him to give me more information and he told me that he never liked being confined. He considers himself to be a wind horse, which to him means that he’s all about movement, freedom, and doing what he likes. He doesn’t like being constrained or being alone. I asked him what he likes and he said, “Mares, mares, and going places.”

Maestoso Fadra’s message:

I see things that you don’t. I wear colors that hide pain. Purple for a bruised soul.  I carry untapped wisdom to show you. I don’t like being told what to do.

I like expressing myself and showing my power. I feel energy in the air and I can catch it. When I catch it, it goes straight to my head and I want to do.  It takes a long time to know me but I see every gesture you make. I figure you out fast. My eyes don’t miss a thing.