This lovely Lipizzan mare brings a special sense of freedom to the table. When I looked at Bella’s picture, I saw great beams of light coming from her forehead. Those beams reminded me of the bright glow from angels. Bella’s message is centered around always seeing the magic of possibility through the lightness of movement and feeling of freedom.

Her owner Kris told me about seeing her on the internet and knowing she was the horse for her. Kris had always appreciated the elegance and beauty of the Lipizzan horses. She saw Bella online (who at that time was called Jaboolani, her registered name). Kris no longer rides Bella but appreciates the simple pleasures of being with her.

Beyond general horse care, Kris picks up on small things. Moments of watching Bella graze, her interactions with other horses, and the alertness of her environment. Those simple moments of mindfulness and attention keep Kris and Bella right there…exploring the world with wonder and grace.

Bella’s message:

It is your birthright to feel good. A good canter has saved many souls. By hoof or foot it doesn’t matter. Move and feel the moment. Canter around your room. Canter around the yard. Canter around a field. Feel the lightness of movement reinvigorating your soul. Know that feeling. Embrace it. It is the way horses and humans are meant to be. Move, be light, call your friends. Shake your mane and feel the freedom within.