Project Description

Meet Rasa!

I was going through my old photos and found one of a lovely mare named Rasa. I met her when I did a workshop with Linda Kohanov at her ranch in Arizona. Linda has written extensively about Rasa in her books (Taos of Equus, Riding Between the Worlds, and her more recent book, The Power of the Herd).

When I looked at the pic of Rasa, the words ‘Divine Feminine and The Horse Seeks You’ kept running through my mind.

I decided to just sit with the photo of Rasa and do my own meditation. I pictured a woman wrapped in a red flower-like shawl deep in thought while being called by the freedom seeking spirit of the horse.

This black horse is intently focused on the woman and connecting deeply to the embodiment of wisdom, empowerment, and soul. The woman’s hair and the forelock of the black horse intertwine as the energy starts to flow between them. This artwork is straight from my mind’s eye after the meditation with Rasa.

What do you see in this painting? I would love to know.

While creating the artwork, I ask each horse for a message.

Rasa’s message is:

Divine Feminine and The Horse Seeks You