Project Description

Meet Cindi

I will let Cindi’s owner Becca tell her story:

“I seriously do not know who I would be without this horse. I have often said, and I really believe, that there was a concerted joint effort between her and my mother to get me to adulthood.

When the people from the funeral home came to take my dad’s body from the house, I was in Cindi’s paddock, with my arms wrapped around her neck. Every morning that I have ever wanted to stay in bed and give up, it has been Cindi who motivated me to get up and go on.

She has been kind to me when I didn’t deserve it. She has kept me going when I didn’t think I could take another step. She has given me confidence, taught me responsibility, and moderated my emotional excesses. This horse has a heart of gold, and she improves any situation she is placed in. I will never be able to repay her for everything she has done for me, but it is my honor to try.”

~ Becca