I had a conversation the other day that went like this:

“So are you going to take the job?”

“Hummmm… I don’t know. The pay isn’t great and the commute is bad but I need the money.”

“Doesn’t sound like you’re ‘in’.”

“Oh I’m sure I’ll just take the job in the end. You know me. I like to look at stuff from all angles.”

I’ve got one word for this: Boo.

This is a surefire way to drive yourself up the wall. Make a decision, line-up with it, and go forward. I like to ask myself if I’m in or out. If I think ‘out’ then I change course or do something else. If I say ‘in’ then I’m 100% in. I move forward.

This week’s artwork reminded me of the power of being all in.

Meet Favory Canada

When we saw him move the way he did, we were all blown away. So I started riding him that fall but my life was exceedingly busy and it was apparent that he needed a person. It turned out that I had this amazing young rider, Katy Myllykangas.

She had been with me at the barn since she was thirteen. She fell in love with him when he first showed up at my barn. He was still pretty shy and very sensitive but she wanted to give him a try. So what she did was become really good friends with him. She braided his mane and putzed around with him.

He fell for her. That was the secret.

Show season was around the corner. I figured that they were so in love with each other (and frankly I didn’t want to get in the middle of that) that Katy should show him. We went from showing him locally to being qualified for the Dressage Nationals. Their progress was amazing.

They went to 4 shows before to going down the aisle into the electric atmosphere of the Alltech Arena at the Nationals. Riding in that atmosphere is an experience like no other. It was such an incredible adventure.  Kate Phillips – Favory Canada

What I love about this story is that they were all in.

There were many points that doubt could have set in. We need more this. We need more that. Those thoughts can be deadly to a playing a bigger game. There is something so powerful about leaving doubt at the door and just seeing what will happen if you put yourself out there.

When I asked Canada for his message the bold colors along with the butterfly came to me. Butterflies are expressive representations of life. They embody transformation, endurance, hope, and letting go.

When I painted Canada, I tried several things that I hadn’t done before. I had this idea of butterfly wings on his face as kind of a tattoo. I didn’t want them over power the image or take away from his power so I worked with different shapes and textures until they worked. I loved the idea of an abstract butterfly under his neck.



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