Meet Epico! He is a gorgeous Lusitano stallion. His owner Lori told me about horse shopping and how she knew he was the one.

“I met him on the one-year anniversary of my Dad passing away. My Dad is why I love horses. That was our passion when I was a kid. It turns out that Nina my trainer had lost her Dad a couple of years ago and that it was his birthday so we knew this was the horse.

The whole universe said that this was the one for me. I decided to buy him.”

Lori told me about her amazing adventure of horse shopping in Europe and how her trainer Nina is training Epico for her. She goes to Nina’s place in Austria several times a year to ride and enjoy the culture there. I love an adventure and I could tell that Lori did too! The excitement in her voice brightened my day and got me thinking about adventures and such.

Why find an adventure?

This might seem like a silly question but talking to Lori got me thinking about this. We need adventures in our lives to help us remember that feeling of excitement and anticipation of going on an adventure. I’ll be honest here. I’ve been in a rut for a few months. All work doesn’t work so last weekend I found my own mini-adventure!

I went to a local coffee shop, paid for my tea, and then on a whim I bought the two people behind me their coffee. It was fun for me and made me feel like the adventure was one of surprise!

Back to Epico’s Portrait

I could tell right away that he was a strong but gentle character. I love to use big bold colours but here I felt that they needed to be a bit more toned down. I wanted his eye to speak his vitality and character. The colours on his neck reminded me of a flower garden that is full of colour and growth.

When I was painting Epico, I kept thinking the phase: The giver of gifts. I think this fits with the idea of adventure. The more you give of yourself and experience, the more life’s adventures will open themselves to you. This is the Giver of Gifts.