Meet Dante!

This young Andalusian has a special spark and message that shines through his soul. When I chatted with his owner Vishara, she told me a couple of interesting things:

1. Andalusians hold a special place in her heart.

2. She had the good fortune of being present when Dante was born.

I’ve always loved the strongly built but elegant Andalusians with the flowing manes and tails. That package is the thing of dreams for horse lovers. As a breed that has been recognized since the 15th century, I find it incredible to think about the history and how the breed continues to develop.

Also like Vishara, I have witnessed the otherworldly moment of being at the birth of a foal. It was incredible and left me with sense of wonder at how precocial animals are up and mobile so quickly after birth. If you would like to read about my experience go here: Flutter 

When I started the painting, I felt strongly pulled towards the reds, oranges, and yellows for the background. The energy of fire and movement are part of Dante’s soul. The butterfly symbolizes the beauty within and transformation.

The phrase, Dream Messenger came to my mind. He embodies the regal history and wisdom of his ancestors. Dream Messenger signifies his ability to express emotions and connection to energies that we humans often disregard.

Dreams help us to process emotions and experiences. Dante shows us that transformation can be had by letting go of thinking that we need to have everything figured out. He is saying…

Feel the fire in your soul. Fly on the wings of butterflies to see the world from a new vantage point.