It’s the small things that make up a life.

Remember that feeling of sun-warmed fur as you pet a furry friend, jumping into water as that cold refreshing feeling envelopes you, feeling snowflakes on your face for the first time. Those moments hold us and keep us steady.

What about a flash of yellowness running by you in a blur? You look down and see the eyes of longing. You feel the connection and know that this creature is searching for you. She sees in you all that you are and makes a decision. This is the moment. She will stay with you.

Thirteen years, that’s a number that seems short and long all at the same time. For Morgan Krempa, those years held a constant in her life that was Lilly. When they first met, it seemed like a regular day at a regular barn, but it wasn’t. It was a special day when Lilly showed up as a stray. Morgan’s friends just knew that Lilly needed to meet Morgan. That knowing was real. Lilly and Morgan hit it off.

Lilly was decidedly a water dog with swims in the Mississippi River but more than anything she was a connection seeker. Even though she had fears of quick movements and men, she held her heart open for joy. Over time her fears lessened. With Morgan’s husband, Mike, Lilly warmed up and became a daddy’s girl. Her infectious ‘Lilly smile’ encompassed Mike and Morgan along with all those who knew her. Her big love and happy self became full and bright.

Lilly recently passed. As I was preparing to create her portrait, I could feel her with me. I felt her guide me and a golden road (think yellow brick road) appeared in my mind with swirls of purple/pink energy behind and with her. Her loving eyes ask us to feel the connection to others and the soul level love that she that embodied in her life.