Meet Harry

Before I started the artwork of Harry, I did a meditation with him. Right off the bat, I wrote down spiritual, rays, and golden boy. I asked him about these words and I saw a scene with him bathed in a beautiful golden light. I asked him to give me more information and he told me that he was a borderlands horse. I didn’t know what that meant, so I asked him. He said that he had been to the area of overlap between our physical and non-physical world. He said that he felt very uncertain there.

In my mind’s eye, I saw him in three different worlds. One is the spiritual realm, which comes down from the heavens and showers him with rays of light through the colors of purple and blue. He feels those two colors represent his soul. Purple is the introspective color that allows getting in touch with deeper thoughts. Blue is the helper, the rescuer, the friend that pulls out all the stops for you. Harry has strong feelings about the color blue. He feels this color represents is horse guardian owner, Amy.

The strip of transition between the purples and the blues is the world of the unknown (ie the borderlands). He feels he has traveled to that world but wants to stay in the physical world for longer. He has more to teach. The golden world is how he feels now. To him the golden world is idyllic and pastoral.

I asked him if he had a message and he said he did. Here is what I got:

I am here as a teacher and student. I want to glow golden in my own way. Sometimes as I breath, I feel lighter and lighter.  I carried many burdens before but I feel them leaving me. I feel loved.