I've been keeping a secret for weeks and tada! now I can finally share it! Meet Foxy!

This good-looking mare was an extra special Christmas present from a fabulous hubby (Mike) for his horse obsessed (aren't we all!) wife Morgan. Mike had to sneak around and get pics to email me of Foxy. In every pic her luscious forelock made me smile. She reminded me of the girls in middle school with those long silky locks!

I sat with her pics and starting thinking about colors. I fell in love with the background colors which like clouds allowed me to see different shapes and ideas. I can see a fern right now... do you see it?

As I worked on Foxy's artwork, I stopped to write down impressions and thoughts that came up. Before I finished her portrait, I whispered, "Do you have a message for me, Foxy?"

Here's what I got:
Adoration takes many forms. Celebrity culture and following gurus fuels idolization.

Stand with me instead.

Be the mirror for sunlight, green grass, and thundering hooves.