The Seen in the Hidden Self

Meet Roo

I had the pleasure of creating this artwork and chatting with June about her lovely horse Roo. I don’t know about you but I love finding out how certain horses (or other animals) ended up in our lives. There is always a special spark when a particular horse is ‘the one’.

June told me about expanding her search for a new partner out of state and how when she saw his delightful face on Facebook, she knew she needed to go meet him in person. Fast forward to now and June got her bronze medal in dressage on him. Her voice just fills with love when she talks about him.

But wait…there’s so much more!

One of things she said really stuck with me. She told me how important it was to be present and to give him time to think. I loved this as it speaks to the phrase that came to me when I finished the painting -­ The Seen in the Hidden Self.

By letting go and being in the flow with Roo, June can find that magic zone that defies mere words. The quiet but energetic place that is only seen when you peel back what is hidden within the self. In these moments, the horse seeks you and you are seen by him for the essence of you. Horses speak this truth and if we allow it, we can be welcomed in.

When I was creating this artwork of Roo, I felt strongly pulled towards colors that I normally don’t use and to use a technique that I haven’t tried! He got me out of my comfort zone.

To me he embodies the seen with his left eye looking straight in to your soul while his right eye is more hidden.

The curve of the background in the top left continues down under his mane. I like to think of this as a representation of his alignment with the natural world. The strands forelock that go down his face reflects a tribal look which speaks of his wisdom and desire of full attention when people are with him. He commands respect for partnership.