Play a little game with me! What do you think of when you read: craggy hills, castles, and stone circles? 

This is the kind of imagery I got when I started a meditation with Scarlett. I asked her about what this looked like and I saw a scene with a rocky outcrop, a village off in the distance, a browband/crown with a long flowing fabric. I asked her to give me more information and she told me that she feels her divine teacher from within is ready, willing, and able to come forth. 

So I gazed at her photo for a few more minutes (I have a special place in my heart for chestnut mares) blew out my candles and got to work. 

After the painting was done, I called Scarlett’s owner, AnnMarie, and we chatted about her journey with Scarlett and about her lifetime with horses. AnnMarie grew up fostering that deep primal love of horses. She cantered over jumps in her living room, earned money for riding lessons babysitting, and was obsessed with all things horse! 

Things really clicked when she told me that Scarlett was an Irish mare! Yes, I know!! That didn’t even occur to me during the meditation but now it made sense! While on a trip to Ireland, AnnMarie rode Irish horses and fell in love with their sensible but sensitive way of being. 

When she found Scarlett back in the US, she looked passed her small size and in-between growing stage looks. She said it didn’t help that Scarlett has a loose lip that hangs when she is relaxed. She was her special Irish lady!

She started Scarlett at 6 years old since she needed a bit more time to mature. As Scarlett learned more about the riding horse gig, she began to form a partnership with AnnMarie. The glimpses of her character, humor, spirit, and spunky self showed up

After I got off the phone with AnnMarie, I went back to the painting and it seemed that there was more. I know very little about Irish mythology but the phrase Triune Goddess popped in my mind. I had to look it up since I didn’t know what it meant. 


A Triune Goddess, means one and three all at the same time. This triple aspect of femininity is related to the stages of womanhood, namely maiden-mother-crone. I felt that Scarlett’s triple aspect revolved around her purpose, the promise of new beginnings-ripeness-wisdom. 

Her message is to always allow yourself to be open and willing to receive new lessons and know that those lessons (good or bad) will build a deeper understanding of the hidden depths of the horse/human bond. The key is to always allow yourself to ask questions and be open to the images or words that pop in your mind.