I sat starring at Beau’s photo for over an hour. This 24 year old Thoroughbred had me stumped. I was having a hard time connecting with him. So I sat and waited for something to come. I thought of moonlight and that incredible early morning blue glow. I remembered watching the thoroughbreds in training at the Aiken, SC training track in that kind of light. The magic of the blue light along with the power and speed of the horses thundering by while most people were still in bed got me thinking.

Maybe Beau also liked the mystery that this light held?

So I started. I got apprehensive about the darkness. I like bright bold colours. As Beau’s portrait appeared, I got a strong impression of him. He had seen hard times. He wasn’t sure about people. He knew darkness more than light.

When I talked to his owner, Francine, she told me about how difficult he was and that he came to her farm for a ‘soft landing’. In the past few months, he had started engaging more with her. I got chills when she told me about her slow work of developing trust with him. She didn’t rush him. Their relationship was a delicate dance of not pushing him too hard but also making sure that things were safe.

I felt that Beau had a strong message. To me his eyes speak volumes of life experience. He holds mystery there. He is wise and is finding his way in being a true teacher. I want to share his message with you.

Beau’s Message for You

Stand in your darkness awake and aware. Know the shadow while you wait for the light. Feel for the new day while staying true to the night. Allow fears to come and go. Find a reason to trust and let it be so. Be the one that gazes through an inky black night with nothing to fear and nothing to fight.