Meet Alfred

Recently I got to meet Alfred. Not in person but in form and colour. He had a happy guy feeling about him while being alert and full of life. I decided to extent his forelock to look a bit like a feather.

I kept having the feeling that I needed a hawk in the painting. If you look at my other artwork there aren’t many birds.

This is where things took an unexpected turn!

When I interviewed Heather about Alfred she told me that she met him on the same day her mother passed away. She saw a hawk circling in the sky and just knew something bad had happened.

I didn’t know anything about her mother or her seeing the hawk as an ominous sign. As we talked, I got chills knowing that I had put a hawk in the painting. Heather hadn’t seen it yet. I told her that I had a hawk in it. We were both surprised at this synchronistic energy.

I feel like the hawk is her mom/guardian angel and Alfred is part of her circle of guardianship too. These beautiful beings are right there in every moment to support her.

Here’s what Heather said about Alfred:

“We made a quick trip to Gainesville. We looked at him and I loved him. My sister asked me what I thought of him. I told her he was a match made in heaven. He was everything I wanted. He was bay without a lot of chrome. He was calm, cool, and just everything I wanted but he was too much money.

My sister said that I had to get him but I couldn’t afford him. So she gave me some cash. He has been a dream since then. He’s a wonderful personality and will do anything you ask him. He loves peppermints and socializing with people. Last year, I ended up going to the Novice World Show and out of 96 horses we placed 9th! It was a huge win for us. I just love this horse.”