Meet Arria

Ellen described the centered moments of flow that she felt with Arria and I found myself remembering those feelings of grounding and partnership with a four hooved friend.

As I created this artwork, I asked Arria for her horse wisdom on how we can be in those moments of awareness and flow no matter if we’re at work or at play.

Here’s how the painting took shape:

The sky is starting to look a bit stormy and the small orange bird is looking for cover. Arria is standing in the last rays of sunlight before the ominous clouds move closer.

She is alert but still relaxed. Her mane becomes a feather as I paint it and the reds and pinks show her strength and feminine power.

She is strong, powerful, and all-knowing. There is a subtle meaning behind her feather and the bird.


The bird, through it’s connectedness to flight and different vantage point, brings a new perspective to Arria.

She calls in knowledge from those unlike her and learns from them. She approaches life from a beginner’s mind.

As I finished the painting, I wrote this (from Arria):

As the light fades and the dark skies approach gather knowledge from all sources. Embrace the unknown and feel your inner light. 

Build on your ability to look beyond the what is to the what can be. Call forth your birthright of determination and worthiness. Stand tall and show your talent in being you.