Is this Love? 97% of People Said Yes!

Love is such a simple word but it takes on so many kinds of love that it’s hard for me to think about describing it! I’m thinking about that deep soulful love that we have for our equine friends. It’s a special kind of love that is easier to feel than to say.

I think of: That split second of recognition when you lock eyes with your equine friend. The smiles all around when horses trot over to see you. Those moments of connection between two sentient beings of pure understanding and partnership. Taking a breath to watch a herd of horses graze and interact brings a calm serenity to your mind.

Is this a love that brings us closer connected to our true selves?

Meet Bravura

Recently, I had the pleasure of hanging out with another Lipizzan mare (Bravura). I wanted to photograph Bravura for her owner Stephanie. It turned into an experience that led me to create an artwork that embodied love, transcendence, and the ability to look back at life’s journey with the lightness of a feather.

Before I started the painting, I asked Bravura if she had a message. I usually get a visual image but this time I got much more than that. I scribbled down the following: 

There is a time and place to look back but only if you’re willing to carry with you the ability to fly with transcendent grace. An opening can always be found. The opening may be easy to find or not but it is there. You may need to look carefully and stand in stillness.

The colors you have earned provide powers to access light when the darkness creeps in. Your colors can be illuminated to remind you of love, worth, and expression. All you need is to allow the opening to be felt or seen.

The energy of hoof, heart, and flight gives you the ability to feel deeply while being grounded to the earth and at the same time soaring above the expected. When you feel doubt, do nothing. Stand on your hooves and feel your connection to the ground.

Be willing to move fast. Flight is your friend. You are well equipped to live between the contrasting worlds of earth bound and flight. When you feel flow move with it. Don’t fight it, give in.