A Love Story

Sometimes I can’t help myself! I just start grinning ear to ear when I hear a love story. I had the pleasure of talking to Kathi about her love story with her beautiful Lipizzan gelding Cat.

I started helping out at the barn and I fell madly in love with Cat. I knew he was up for sale and that I was going to be so sad to see him go. I mean really sad.

One day I was in his stall scratching him and just loving him. My husband walked over and said, “Oh I see your cleaning your horse’s stall.” I was like, “Oh I wish.” Then he said, “No he’s yours. I just bought him for you.” I bursted into tears. 

June (the barn owner) said, “Are you sure? There’s a mare for sale that you can hop on right now and be riding instantly.” My husband told her that I wanted a beginning to end experience. 

Cat is my dear friend and has taught me more than I can put into words.

When I talked to Kathi about Cat, she told me about easily losing 60lbs after he was part of her life. She also started feeling much more settled in her life after her move from California. Her husband had told her that she had raised her kids and that now it was time for her.

That got me thinking about love stories.

Not the kiss face romantic kind of love story, but the love story that binds you to a place, an animal, or a person. I’ve talked to many people about horses over the past few years and the love stories they have told me come from a deep place. A place of indescribable joy and limitless love. When I finished the call with Kathi, I felt compelled to write what I felt from Cat.

Here’s Cat’s love letter:

I see you. Your pain.Your joy. My large wise eyes take you in. 

I know your tiny gestures. Your fingers tapping on your thigh. Your nervous head toss. 

The fine details are there. They complete you. 

I catch energy from the air. I know when it’s time to stay or go. 

Sometimes I don’t understand you but I try. 

You have joined my soul.