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On Sale Now ~ Horse Wisdom Card Deck $36


Horse Wisdom Card Deck is a 40 card deck featuring sacred horses offering a reminder of equine wisdom and intuition.

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Horses Of Us - Deck Specs: 

☆ 40 Cards with round corners on thick matt coated card stock. 

☆ Horses of Us design on the front, Horses of Us artwork on back. 

☆ Card Size: 3.5” x 5.75” (89x146mm) - Large with fabulous color. 

☆ Fancy Fabric Drawstring Bag - A beautiful way to store your cards.

The Cards In This Deck Offer A Reminder Of Equine Wisdom And Intuition. 

They are inspired by my lifetime with horses and the sacred teacher that lies within all horses. 

If we listen, horses gift us lessons from the natural world and messages from the universe. Each card has been intuitively channeled.

Before I create an artwork of any horse, I slow down and allow my mind to float in a place of receiving. I ask each horse if they have a message. I feel a lightheaded sensation as a visual image of that horse appears and the messages start to form. 

Each One Brings To Light An Aspect Of Horse Wisdom That Helps You Remember Who You Really Are And What You Are Here For. 

My intention in creating this deck is the discovery of new ways to further unlock parts of your spirit. The horses allow you to receive guidance from them. All they ask is for you to be open to receiving their wisdom and to continually foster your connection to yourself. 

Use them for simple guidance by asking a question or leave it to the divine to offer what you need. You can also create a spread for more depth in your reading.

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What Horse Lovers Are Saying

You definitely captured Griffin’s gentleness. Thanks again for the beautiful creation.
— Lindsay from Minnesota
“Oh WOW Marcy, I can see his soul!
When I first met him he had that deep longing for a soul mate and someone to share all his thoughts, wisdom and knowledge with. I am blessed that he chose me. Thank you so much for capturing him!
I can’t believe you have seen the turquoise and blue around him too. I see it around him all the time.His birthstone is also turquoise. This is amazing!”
— Lee ~ Australia
“You captured the softness in his eye…the pure kindness that drew me to him. I cannot express how “wowed” I am. I cried because its so beautiful and its him…my Magnum, my underdog, my best friend.

I cannot express how much joy this brought to me, especially after the bad news I received yesterday…this made my day, week, month…okay this made my year. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! You are such a gifted individual. I’m so happy you shared your artistic gift with me!”
— Stephanie ~ Minnesota
“I LOVE the portrait of River.
Again, thank you for capturing the essence of River. Your painting makes me smile every time I see it.”
— Sharon ~ Florida
“You captured what I love the most about him behind and in his eyes!
He is very powerful and so expressive. It still shocks me to this day!”
— Candice ~ North Carolina
“Each time I have had a moment to look, I fall deeper and deeper in love.
I am a “pink girl” through and through – so I love this undertone to the blue. I am also a huge fan of cobalt blue. Really I love all the colors I find as I look closer and closer. . .And his eye. You capture it perfectly – the worry lines he often has above and yet at the same time the “wise soul” look.

This morning I read your full FB message and my heart sung. SO DEEP and moving!! I love the “spiritual” aspect and that the underside of his neck glows as if lit by a Source outside our view. Wow.”
— Lisa ~ Oregon
“The painting and the pendant came today. I love them both.

Now even when Cat and I are not together he is always close to my heart! Kevin is hanging the painting as we speak. I am truly blessed. It is so special to me and it brings tears of joy to my eyes! My sincere thanks and gratitude!”
— Kathi ~ Washington
I have been at a total loss of how to even begin thanking you for the most amazing piece of artwork I’ve ever seen! Every time I try expressing how much this means to me, I end up crying and I’m pretty sure Mike has had enough of my squealing, tears, and bear hugs!

I’m not sure if you know, but I am currently recovering from a stroke I had 2 months ago. I am unable to work OR RIDE!!! This picture has renewed my spirit and soul- and that is something I can never put into words. Foxy means the world to me and you were able to capture her perfectly. My big, bold mare, who is always willing to share a hug. You were able to convey what I see in her eyes every day- the sweetest spirit who has been a rock for me since I first laid eyes on her and wrapped my arms around her neck.
You not only paint our horses, you put our very souls on canvas. And I cannot thank you enough.
— Morgan ~ Minnesota