Horses of Us was inspired by my life's work with horses and people.

When I meet horse lovers, they all have stories of horses that have touched their lives.

All the stories are told with passion.

All are told with feeling and heart.

Every one of them painted a picture in my mind.

This project is taking that picture out of my mind, sprinkling it with a taste of the story and sharing it with you.

'Fritz' by Artist Marcy Criner copyright 2014. This painting is part of the Horses Of Us Project, see to be a part of this project.


“My path to Fritz was a long one. I had horses as a child for a period in my life but after my parents divorced, a horse was no longer possible. In my late 30s, I visited a barn with a friend. The minute I stepped in the barn and smelled that aroma that only a horse lover can appreciate, it was all over! I began my journey back to having horses in my life.

I didn’t find my perfect horse for a while. Bought some, sold some, gave some away until I found my 5 yr old Clydesdale cross mare in Michigan. She was green as grass, a big girl, and very far away from Georgia. After countless conversations with her owner, who had her since she was a yearling, and after a vet check and reference checks, my mare was on her way to Georgia. It was quite a leap of faith – ­A long distance purchase, a green horse, green rider. When she stepped off the trailer I was in awe of Lady. […] Read More of This Post

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You captured the softness in his eye...the pure kindness that drew me to him. I cannot express how "wowed" I am. I cried because its so beautiful and its Magnum, my underdog, my best friend. 

I cannot express how much joy this brought to me, especially after the bad news I received yesterday...this made my day, week, month...okay this made my year. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! You are such a gifted individual. I'm so happy you shared your artistic gift with me!

Stephanie - Minnesota


Thank you so much. You definitely captured Griffin's gentleness. Thanks again for the beautiful creation.

Lindsey – Minnesota

I LOVE the portrait of River.

Again, thank you for capturing the essence of River.  Your painting makes me smile every time I see it.

Sharon - Virginia

Oh WOW Marcy, I can see his soul!

When I first met him he had that deep longing for a soul mate and someone to share all his thoughts, wisdom and knowledge with. I am blessed that he chose me. Thank you so much for capturing him!

I can’t believe you have seen the turquoise and blue around him too. I see it around him all the time.

His birthstone is also turquoise. This is amazing!

Thank you, thank you

Lee - Australia

You captured what I love the most about him behind and in his eyes!

He is very powerful and so expressive. It still shocks me to this day!

Candice – South Carolina

Each time I have had a moment to look, I fall deeper and deeper in love.

I am a "pink girl" through and through - so I love this undertone to the blue. I am also a huge fan of cobalt blue. Really I love all the colors I find as I look closer and closer. . .And his eye. You capture it perfectly - the worry lines he often has above and yet at the same time the "wise soul" look.

This morning I read your full FB message and my heart sung. SO DEEP and moving!! I love the "spiritual" aspect and that the underside of his neck glows as if lit by a Source outside our view. Wow.

Lisa - Oregon

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